by James Walsh



卸下Starsailor主唱的光环,James Walsh用了四年的时间整理他的创作。这期间他低调地寻找乐手,低调地排练,低调地录音,即使跟Suzanne Vega合作创作单曲,他也习惯于藏于身后,不露声色。曾经有人假设,如果James Walsh是个像Gallagher兄弟那样的高调之人,Starsailor的高度会远远高于他们的所及。对于名誉,James总是摆摆手,一笑而过。

在我们可以无数次的重温窦唯在《高级动物》里入木三分的念词的时候,James Walsh像个雷鬼乐手一样歌唱博爱。凶手用一颗子弹结束了马丁路德金,他却留下了一篇回响《我有一个梦想》,灵魂不灭。乐于阅读的James Walsh,一定早已熟稔这个语录。Empire的旋律宛若徜徉故园般的温情,叩问人性。

James Walsh, the frontman of british legend band STARSAILOR touched a new height in his career after won a massive glory with his lads in STARSAILOR. He will release his debut album on Chinese indie label Handshake Records Handshake. With the ages passed, James' s lyrics are getting more inner-heart, the melody is still remarkable.


released May 8, 2015

Drums Jonty Finn
Bass Luke Juby
Peter Honore
Harry Rutherford
Luke Juby
Harry Rutherford
Luke Juby
Harry Rutherford
Strings: Luke Juby
Backing Vocals: Luke Juby
Producer:Harry Rutherford
Photographer: Michael Teather
Art Designer: Junyi Wang(China) w/Julia Barrat(UK)
Promotion& Marketing: Tony Chu(China)



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Established in 2009
An upcoming indie label and event promoter from China, focusing on introducing great oversea artists/bands into China even asian. We are a management, booking agency, and records label. We are always a taste leader in China indie scene. ... more

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Track Name: Empire
Don't run away run away
these are our mistakes
got to share the burden before we can change
got to find a place where we can breathe
Place the weight place the weight
in each others arms so that we can move on
with the least of harm
so that we can find a place to be
And we'll fight fire with fire you'll only learn
how to burn the finger you point
the finger you point
On our own we are just blood skin and bone
Pillar to pillar shoulder to shoulder
We are an empire
All of you all of me we'll align as we lay
like the greats in the sky & the shapes in the clay we are royalty living history
We will reign let it rain
so our deepest fears wash away we'll allay all the bitter tears
place your ear to the ground tell me what you hear
Its the loud sound of my hearts drumming
footsteps are getting closer help is coming
I wont ever leave you alone
On our own we are just blood skin and bone
Pillar to pillar shoulder to shoulder
We are an empire
On our own we could be overthrown
but pillar to pillar shoulder to shoulder
We are an empire